The Interbloc® Block Design Features

The block is available in two series:

600 Series - standard block measures 1200 x 600 x 600mm
400 Series - standard block measures 800 x 400 x 400mm

Each standard 600 series block is 1000kg, equivalent to 14.7kN/m2, and the 400 series is 300kg, or 9.19kN/m2.

Certified central lifting anchor allows ease of movement and efficiency in installation with a factor of safety >5.

Our comprehensive quality control system delivers true to size blocks, consistent in colour and texture.

Each block has a unique serial number cast during manufacturing, allowing customers to track the exact concrete mix used.

Shear Strength is inherent in to the blocks’ unique crusiform tongue and groove, registered design. This increases the overall stability of the wall and ensures the integrity of each joint. The design also allows the blocks to positively locate ensuring accuracy and ease of installation.

Central holes provide for reinforcing using threaded bar.



Fast and durable, this unique block forms the heart of the Interbloc system.