About Interbloc

Revolutionary Modular Construction System

Interbloc is a revolutionary modular construction system that is the number one choice
when it comes to bulk storage and retaining wall applications.


At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking concrete block. When the innovative, engineered system and the prized block are combined, the result is a structure that is flexible, durable, and safe. Its main strength is in its ability to be reconfigured with ease – unlike traditional systems.

Interbloc can achieve this because of the block's unique interlocking ability that provides a shear key in both horizontal directions. The blocks can also be vertically reinforced after placement to increase out-of-plane bending capacity. This means Interbloc walls are not limited by their gravity capacity, but with reinforcing they can perform much the same as traditional reinforced concrete walls.

The inherent efficiency of the Interbloc system also results in savings. Blocks are manufactured at a lower cost and installed faster than traditional systems.

No other system offers Interbloc's unique combination of
flexibility, durability, and safety.