Installation Guide- PKE and Silage Storage


Interbloc's modular wall system is the ideal solution for PKE & Silage storage. Its unique features provide safe, durable storage that is fast and easy to build. 

✓  Interbloc's heavy-duty concrete blocks have a unique interlocking design, providing a strong and stable structure.
✓ Its shear strength create tough walls that can support the weight of palm kernel / silage. This strength and stability can be extended with reinforcement using threadbars.  
✓ The Lego-like quality of the blocks means it can easily be stacked and taken down.
✓ It lets you build a structure that is suitable to your needs, with the option to modify it if ever your needs change. 

Interbloc provides suitable farm building and storage solutions for low prices.


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30 Tonne PKE & Feed Bin
- 4.2m wide x 9.6m long x 1.2m high - 48m³

90 Tonne Fertiliser Bin
- 4.2m wide x 9.6m long x 1.8m high - 72m³

Silage Bunker
- Designed specifically to your requirements