Interbloc Concrete Blocks – Buy / For Sale



Interbloc is a revolutionary modular construction system that is the number one choice when it comes to bulk storage and retaining wall applications. 

At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking concrete block. When the innovative, engineered system and the prized block are combined, the result is a structure that is flexible, durable, and safe. Its main strength is in its ability to be reconfigured with ease – unlike traditional systems.

With a variety of blocks for sale, Interbloc is the suitable building solution. 

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We've put together the Interbloc Block Catalogue to provide you with the information you need to get started with planning your project. 

Download it now to access information about:
1. Block types
2. Block dimensions
3. Engineering design
4. System specifications
5. Interbloc's unique features