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It's silage harvesting season, and time to start thinking about silage storage. Interbloc offers the fastest, strongest, and safest silage bunker system on the market. As an extra incentive, we're throwing in free flights for all Bunkers purchased before 31 March 2016. Ts & Cs apply, full details below.

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Silage Bunker Special Terms and Conditions
Feb 17

Price and Payment:

  • - The price provided in the table above is for the supply of blocks, expansion foam for sealing the blocks, and lifting clutches only. The price excludes GST, freight, and block spacing plugs.
  • - Flight awards are issued on the value of blocks purchased. The customer must achieve the advertised minimum spend associated with the bunker capacity as outlined in the table above in order to qualify for the flights.
  • - Payment terms require a 50% deposit on order, with the balance payable on the 20th of the month following, or on delivery - whichever comes first.
  • - Flight awards will not be issued until payment has been received in full.
  • - Flights must be redeemed (via a booking) within two months of final payment being received. Most airlines allow bookings up to 12 months in advance, providing customers with a 14 month window in which to use the award.

The Flights:

  • - Flights awards are for two adult return tickets to the destinations outlined in the table above, subject to the following exclusions.
  • - Flights to New Zealand for 100t Bunker purchases include any mainland destination through Air New Zealand or Jetstar.
  • - Flights to Australia are limited to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or the Gold Coast. Full service economy tickets (Qantas standard tickets, or AirNZ ‘Works’ tickets) will be awarded.
  • - Flights to the Pacific Islands include Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Niue, New Caledonia. Full service tickets (AirNZ ‘Works’ tickets) will be awarded.
  • - Flights to Hawaii exclude any other destination except Honolulu. 
  • - 'Full service tickets’ exclude flexibility.
  • - The customer shall nominate the dates they wish to fly on, Interbloc will make their best endeavours to meet these requirements. In the event the nominated dates can not be booked, the customer shall nominate alternative dates. However school and public holiday periods are specifically excluded.

The Bunker:

  • - The bunker capacities listed on the table above are based on the following dimensions:
    • 100T - 440m3 - 12.6m W x 20.4m D x 1.8m H
    • 200T - 880m3 - 15m W x 25.2m D x 2.4m H
    • 300T - 1300m3 - 18m W x 30m D x 2.4m H
    • 400T - 1700m3 - 20.4m W x 35.4m D x 2.4m H
  • - Customers may change the dimension or the block count to suit their circumstances as the flight award is based on the total value of blocks purchased.
  • - Pushing soil against the external walls is a common reinforcing technique farmers use to support the walls. Where this can not occur the blocks may need to be tied together using Interbloc Fixing Kits. Should fixing kits be required these are charged separate to the bunker price.
  • - The Bunker package excludes a concrete slab.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • - Interbloc’s standard terms and conditions of trade apply.
  • - Where Interbloc is providing freight, the customer agrees to be bound by Interbloc’s freight guidelines. 
  • - Offer includes flights only.



✓ Heavy-duty, interlocking concrete blocks
✓ Tough walls that can stand the load of bulk silage.
✓ Blocks can easily be stacked and taken down.
✓Option to modify it if ever your needs change.